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  1. 13 Ways Living with Purpose Makes You Happier and More Fulfilled
  2. What Is the Purpose of Life? 7 Signs You’re Not Living It
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  4. 7 Ways To Live Life With a Purpose
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Set priorities. People who live a life of purpose identify those activities that matter most to them and spend the majority of their time and effort in those areas. Follow your passion.


People who live a life of purpose wake up each morning eager to face the new day. Achieve balance. People who live a life of purpose put their heart into their career and into building relationships with friends and family. They also reserve adequate time to satisfy their personal needs. Feel content.

13 Ways Living with Purpose Makes You Happier and More Fulfilled

People who live a life of purpose have an inner peace. To them, the grass is greener on their own side of the fence. Make a difference. They do things for others without expectation of personal gain, serve as exemplary role models, and gain as much satisfaction witnessing the success of others as witnessing their own.

Live in the moment. People who live a life of purpose cherish every moment and seek to live life without regret. Smile because it happened. Get future posts by RSS feed, email or Facebook.

What Is the Purpose of Life? 7 Signs You’re Not Living It

Click your favorite option top right. Frank Sonnenberg is an award-winning author and a well-known advocate for moral character, personal values, and personal responsibility. Additionally, his blog — FrankSonnenbergOnline — has attracted millions of readers on the Internet. All rights reserved. I am a recent new blogger. As a teacher, writer, life coach, and fitness trainer, I feel I have a responsibility and part of the job description is to not only maintain and spread a positive attitude but to inspire others to do the same.

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I came across your blog and used your link in my article. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am at www. Hi Frank thanks a lot for this articles and for sure its of great benefit especially in our world today. I used it as my preaching to share with my parishioners thanks your article this is it why we need how to live on purpose! This is a way to live again… you changed my life and i am ready to make good use of what i have life. All the way from Saudi Arabia here. What a nice article and I needed these words. Thank you for your time and words.

I was searching traits of a person who has purpose and I found you blog. It is very clear. Thank you so much. Thank you for your note. I hope that you found everything that you were looking for. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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I know that your time is precious. Therefore my goal is to make sure that every post offers significant value. Thank you so much Frank, starting life all over once again I have learned much your blog is great. Working through a program, great grown children support but small town and most only look out for themselves. I know I have. All I can say is that the world acts in mysterious ways.

Have faith. I know this journey has been tough for you, but I truly believe that good people finish first.

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  • Thank you Frank. May God bless you. I am lost and i am not sure what to do with my life. You are not lost, Hadi.

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    You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. Be positive, be courageous, and be patient. And if you have no idea how you make a positive difference to the people around you, go ahead and ask them to tell you how. We can't feel and honor our life purpose when we're bogged down every minute of the day with activities we hate to engage in, with people we don't respect. For instance, during my last years in corporate life, it took all the energy I could muster simply to get through the day at this toxic workplace that drained and demoralized me.

    The key to uncovering your life purpose is to start behaving as if you're worthy enough to have one. Start saying "no" to work you hate.

    7 Ways To Live Life With a Purpose

    Redraw your boundaries. Tell your narcissistic "friend" that you simply won't tolerate this behavior any longer. Share what I call your "dirty little secret" that secret that lives within you that you've been afraid to let anyone know with someone you trust who is safe. Let go of what keeps you in shame and humiliation. Stand your ground and become a person who demonstrates self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence.

    Once you find the bravery to do that and get some outside help if you can't do it alone , the positive qualities within you that bring you a sense of meaning and purpose will be amplified and allowed to shine more brightly. Virtually everyone I've worked with who has a clear sense of life purpose is focused on being of service in some key way that supports others. This can be through the way they parent or teach, or their personal hobbies, or volunteering for a cause that matters to them, or doing work either in their full-time role or as a consultant, private practitioner or in a side hustle that makes them feel alive and of use.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that you have to be honoring your life purpose every minute of the day. You ARE your life purpose. It's not a particular action or career — it's in how you live , how you engage with others, how you speak, how you support growth and positivity, and how you use your talents that adds something of value. If you feel you're very far away of recognizing your life purpose, start with identifying one new way you can do something that lights you up. Joy is the way to finding your purpose. No one who's miserable, exhausted, rageful and beleaguered can find the energy to even feel or see their purpose.

    The quickest path to identifying and leveraging your life purpose is through doing things that bring you joy and enhance your life experience. That's the best and surest way to discover a compelling purpose and a set of overarching life goals that will nourish you and others around you, now and in the future.

    Honor what you love to do and begin to move away from what exhausts and drains you.

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    Only when I finally left all that behind and said "Yes! I cover career, executive and personal growth, leadership and women's issues. Living your purpose through work you love Photo: iStock. Gallery: The Happiest Jobs In 11 images.