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Another Time, Another Place - Jolly - - Oceania - Wiley Online Library

An instrumental surfaces in the shape of 'A New Beginning' with it's huge crescendo supported by impressive drumming from Chuck Sabo and slide guitars from Neil Taylor. Funkalectric, another instrumental has an uptempo feel-good aura about it, normally associated with classic films featuring mountainous car journeys. The diverse feel to what is undoubtedly a fine album of clever songwriting and ear catching melodies, performed by some of the world's finest musicians leaves the listener with an insatiable urge to reach for the rewind button The debut album from Chris Mars is available.

Just In Time Side B 1. I Am the Big Easy 2.

Another Time, Another Place

The Boys and Me 3. Back Where I Started 4. Freedom 5.

Why Worry. Lately, I just have happened to be buying a lot of albums from the Impex label.

13 - Another time, another place, another person

Some of the classic Three Blind Mice titles seem to have breathed new life in these great sounding pressings which seem to transport me back to s Japan and some superb micing done in a studio. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites.

Close this message to accept cookies or find out how to manage your cookie settings. In Language, Truth and Logic Ayer proceeded on the basis that a sentence uttered by A on a given occasion, if it was to have empirical meaning, had to make a statement which was verifiable by A on that occasion, and this led to the well known reduction of statements about the past to statements about present evidence, and of third-personal statements about the mental to statements about observable behaviour.

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Statements about the future, of course, are not strictly speaking verifiable at the time of utterance, but nevertheless were allowed to count, presumably because there is something that the utterer can start to do at the time of utterance which will, in principle, issue in verification — roughly, waiting and seeing. Later he moved to the position of saying that there is no class of statements which are statements about the past or about other minds, just as there is no class of statements which are statements about elsewhere.

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One and the same statement is made by one who speaks of a given event from a future, a present or a past perspective.