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Unretouched original ferrotype of William H.

Bonney, c. At this point in time, he was behaving in accordance with the law: he worked in a hotel, where he washed dishes and waited tables, and seems to have been friendly with customers and staff. But in , McCarthy was caught stealing clothes from a Chinese laundromat. This small crime would become the starting point of his outlaw life. Detail from photograph purporting to show Bonney left playing croquet in His escape took him to Arizona, where he worked as a ranch hand. During this time, he fought with Apache Indians in the Guadalupe mountains, and stole horses from the U.

Army with his accomplice Jack Mackie. In a strange turn of events, he then found a job at Camp Grant, an army post in Arizona. While working there, McCarthy was bullied by the civilian blacksmith of the post, Frank Cahill. After a card game in which they accused each other of cheating, Cahill threw McCarthy on the ground, who in turn shot Cahill with his Colt revolver.

Cahill died the next day, while McCarthy was already on the run. After being on the run for quite some time, joining gangs and escaping jails, he met English ranch owner John C. Tunstall in Lincoln County, New Mexico. The Kid and Tunstall got along really well.

Flemish imposter executed in London

What kind of effect did this have on you and your investigation? I lay out physical proof, I get nothing back. I actually go beyond agreeing with that. You have the most famous and iconic American around the world, posing on a croquet stick with the Regulators, along with his girlfriend.

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A small Texas town has embraced ‘Brushy Bill’ and his tall tales.

By Becky Little , National Geographic. Two dollars and a song, I got three old photographs. Did you think that it was a photo of Billy the Kid when you bought it?

41. Give Us a Guess At Least!!

Four of those people were members of the Regulators. Tell us about that gang. When did you start to investigate whether it could be a photo of Billy the Kid? There are experts who dispute the authenticity of the photo. This is a story. This tells a day in the life. It was located only a few days later in California, but Billy the Kid's grave markers continue to be vandalized by fellow outlaws who have their own ways of paying their respects. As recently as , the gravestone was tipped over in the night.

There's a reason why Governor Wallace was reluctant to hand over the reward money. Following the death of Billy the Kid, rumors swirled that the entire event had been staged. According to legend, Billy and Garrett planned the ruse together so that Billy could start a new life in a new place and Garrett could collect the bounty. As a result, several men claimed to be Billy the Kid in the ensuing years.

Billy The Kid – Teenage Outlaw of the Southwest – Legends of America

Most of these claims were easily dismissed, but two gave the public pause. In , an intrepid paralegal who was investigating the Lincoln County War was told by one of the survivors that not only was Billy the Kid alive, the survivor knew exactly where he was. Ollie "Brushy Bill" Roberts first denied being Billy the Kid, but after the paralegal confronted him with the inconsistencies of his birth record and scars on Roberts's body that were the same as those known to be sported by the Kid, Roberts admitted it.

He refused to go public, however, unless the paralegal agreed to help him get the pardon he was promised all those years ago. It's a pretty convincing case, right?

A Billy the Kid Mystery Solved

Well, it turns out Roberts actually had a history of claiming to be various Old West gangsters, and no one ever managed to produce scientific proof of his secret identity. Meanwhile, John Miller had claimed to be Billy the Kid throughout his life, and truth be told, he bore an eerie resemblance to the outlaw in both appearance and skill. Most interestingly, he showed up to his wedding on August 8, with a visible chest woundthree weeks after Billy the Kid's supposed death. Maybe the Kid really was that good.

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Billy the Kid - The Man Who Died Twice?

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