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Odyssey 1 - Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Vancouver | the Survival Manual

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Our Presenters. Jane Higgins View Profile. Pollard provides him with a bag of wind to help him home, instructing him to open it when he gets close to Ithaca.

There Will Be 160 People Performing The Odyssey

One of his men opens it prematurely blowing them off course. Next, they stop at the island of Circe Bernadette Peters , a beautiful witch, who turns his men into animals and blackmails him into sleeping with her. Odysseus is told of Circe's magic by Hermes Freddy Douglas , who helps him avoid being transformed as well. Circe tells him to go to the Underworld next, and only then does Odysseus realize that he has actually been tricked by Circe, who put a spell on him so he stayed on the island for five years instead of five days.

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Odysseus digs his ship out of the sand and tide and sails to the Underworld. Arriving at the Underworld, Tiresias Christopher Lee torments Odysseus, recognizing his courage and wit, but Tiresias criticizes his ego and foolishness. After Odysseus sacrifices a goat into the River Styx , Tiresias tells him that the only way home will take him past a treacherous isle where Scylla sea monster and Charybdis tidal pool live. As he is running in terror from the underworld, he meets his mother Anticlea Irene Papas , who committed suicide due to the pain of losing her son.

She informs him that back on Ithaca there are multiple suitors, including Eurymachus Eric Roberts , vying with each other to marry Penelope for her money and power.


Odysseus' boat nears the isle of Scylla and Charybdis. Scylla's six serpentine heads wreak havoc on the crew, killing many.

the Iliad and The Odyssey for boys and girls

Everyone but Odysseus is killed when Charybdis creates a whirlpool and destroys his ship. Odysseus arrives on the island where the goddess Calypso Vanessa Williams lives and becomes her prisoner.

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Meanwhile, Odysseus' now year-old son Telemachus Alan Stenson tries to find his father and is told by Athena Isabella Rossellini to travel to Sparta and seek out one of his former comrades that fought with him. When Telemachus finds Menelaus Nicholas Clay , one of Odysseus' comrades, he learns that Menelaus doesn't know what happened to Odysseus but believes him to be dead. Two years later, Hermes arrives, telling Calypso to release Odysseus, and she provides him with a raft to get to Ithaca.

Another storm causes problems for Odysseus as he calls out to Poseidon, who reminds Odysseus about what he said the day he left Troy, and to remember his place as a mere mortal.